Sixteen Sunsets with Kevin Fong

Sixteen Sunsets is a new podcast series about mankind's exploration of space - past, present and yet to come.

Our Story

From the team behind the multi-award winning smash hit podcast series 13 Minutes to the Moon, comes Sixteen Sunsets - a multi-season podcast series focused on humankind's exploration of space - past, present and yet to come.

Our launch season -  to be funded by this kickstarter campaign - is the first season of the Sixteen Sunsets podcast series which picks up the story where 13 Minutes to the Moon left off - with the dawn of the Shuttle, an epic adventure with even more largely unknown twists and turns than Apollo.

We are offering backers many exclusive rewards connected with the show and founder member status in an initiative we anticipate running for many years to come.

Founding members of the Sixteen Sunsets Community can expect early notice of and access to our future storytelling in audio and video formats, exclusive bonus material, early access to live events, and to exclusive and limited edition "merch".

In due course the Sixteen Sunsets podcast series will be complemented by a number of “always on” podcasts, spin-off television series, books and a range of carefully considered merchandise.


Why is it Called Sixteen Sunsets?

In the standard low orbit of the Earth an astronaut will circle the Earth in 90 minutes and experience 16 sunsets in every 24 hour period. The title encapsulates the power of space to inspire awe, wonder and the very best of human endeavour and collaboration - central themes of many of the projects produced under the banner.